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About Us

NINGBO WALTMAL SANITARY WARES CO.,LTD Established in 2005, Ningbo Waltmal Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer. Our company is specialized in producing middle and high standard bathroom equipment, such as shower rooms, bathtubs, bathroom counters, faucets and some other bathroom accessories.   We use the business mode of worldwide chains and have attracted some intelligent merchants to cooperate with us and possess many subsidiary companies, production bases and representative offices. In the respect of the development of products, we regard science and technology as the first productivity and attract many experienced and professional specialists to develop the brand - Votma. We also set up a professional sales and after-sales service team to serve the customers.  ...

Catalogue and Products

Freestanding Bathtubs

Classical Bathtubs

WTM-02501 Classical Bathtub, WTM-02502 Calssical Bathtub, WTM-02502-2 Classical Bathtub, WTM-02506 Classical Bathtub, WTM-02811 Classical Bathtub, WTM-02812 Classical Bathtub,

Real One Piece

WTM-02707 One Piece Bathtub, WTM-02708 One Person Bathtub, WTM-02709 One Piece Bathtub, WTM-02701 One Piece Bathtub, WTM-02101 One Piece Bathtub, WTM-02711 One Piece Bathtub, WTM-02713 One Piece Bathtub,

Seam Bathtubs

WTM-02108J Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02810 Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02507 Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02508 Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02522 Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02827 Seam Joint Bathtub, WTM-02838 Seam Joint Bathtub,

Seamless Bathtubs

WTM-02106P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02108P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02503P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02504P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02507P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02508P Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02509 Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02505 Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02517 Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02519 Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02526 Seamless bathtub, WTM-02532 Freestanding Seamless Bathtub, WTM-02531 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub, WTM-02528T Seamless bathtub, WTM-02518 Seamless bathtub, WTM-02520 Seamless bathtub, WTM-02524 Seamless bathtub,

Two Pieces Bathtubs

WTM-02001a/b Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02002 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02003 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02103 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02104 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02111 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02510 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02805 Two Piece Bathtub, WTM-02846 Two Pieces Bathtub, WTM-02105 Two Pieces Bathtub,

Simple Bathtubs

Drop-In Bathtubs

WTM-02001D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02103D Drop-In Bathtu, WTM-02104D Drop-In Bathtub, WTM-02108D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02111D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02313D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02507D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02508D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02510D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02801D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02803D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02804D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02807D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02808D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02809D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02816D Drop-in BathtubBathtub, WTM-02825D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02820D Drop-In Bathtub, WTM-02809D Drop-In Bathtub, WTM-02843D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02819D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02818D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02817D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02814D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02813D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02402D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02322D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02321D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02320D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02319D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02311D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02310D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02309D Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02308Db Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02308Da Drop-in Bathtub, WTM-02112D Drop-in Bathtub,

Apron Bathtubs

WTM-02833L/R Removable Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02112Dc Removable Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02834L/R Removable Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02831 Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02804 Removable Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02316L/R Removable Skirted Bathtub,

Round Simple Bathtub

WTM-02832D Drop-in Round Bathtub

Tile Flange Skirted Bathtub

WTM-02533L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02835L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02836L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02839L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02840L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02841L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02845L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02848L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02849L/R 02850L/R 02851L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02852L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub, WTM-02854L/R cUPC Wall Flange Skirted Bathtub,

Massage Bathtubs

For One Person

WTM-02201-3L/R One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02202-3L/R One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02313-4 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02401-3 One Piece Massage Bathtub, WTM-02513-3 One Piece Massage Bathtub, WTM-02704-3 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02305-3 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02317-3 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02318-3 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02113-3 One Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02536-2 One Person Massage Bathtub,

For Two Persons

WTM-02511P For Two Persons Massage, WTM-02301-3 Two Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02302-3 Two Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02304-3L/R Two Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02706-4 Two Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02708-3 Two Person Massage Bathtub, WTM-02709-3 Two Person Massage Bathtub,

Out Door Hot Tub

WTM-02601 Out Door Hot Tub

Shower Tray Base

Europe Shower Tray

American Shower Tray

WTM-016030R North American Shower Tray, WTM-016030L North American Shower Tray, WTM-016030 North American Shower Tray, WTM-014836C North American Shower Tray, WTM-014832 North American Shower Tray, WTM-013636 North American Shower Tray, WTM-013636-r North American Shower Tray, WTM-013636-NEO North American Shower Tray, WTM-013636-t North American Shower Tray, WTM-013636 North American Shower Tray,

Shower Enclosure and Screen